who we are

Our Values

  1. People in our Community are Heroes

We love our community, and the greatest accomplishment is to see our people fulfilling what they are called to do. Our role is not to be the hero, but to help people in becoming what they are called to.

  1. Development

We are all on a path. As we follow the direction of our compasses we run into barriers - some emotional, some career, some spiritual. We all need help at some point and we seek to create spaces and build relationships in order to make it happen.

  1. Empowerment

We believe in our community and the people who make it up. We all carry baggage as it result of the wounds inflicted on us throughout life. Many times the baggage weighs us down until we can't move. Relationships can help us remove some bags and empower us to walk again. Relationships also can strengthen us to move forward with the bags that we struggle to put down. Overall empowerment is possible for each individual and it sometimes looks different, but what is common is that empowerment often happens in community.

Our Director is Wes Sherry working along with him is his wife, Sarah, and two sons - Sawyer and Bo!