Community. Family. Business.

"Bond, James Bond... actually it is more like Collective, Community Collective!"

Spiderman, Black Panther, Frodo Baggins - One thing that all heroes need is someone who helps them on their way. The story of our lives are much the same. No one can do life alone. The answer to many of life's greatest struggles is community! The Community Collective is community center that seeks to provide a place that provides services, opportunity, and pathways to empower and development our community to reach what they feel most called too. We love the arts, business, families, hobbies and our community. The one thing every person has in common is that we all have a next step to take. Our hope is that Community Collective is a place where the people of our community are able to teach one another, encourage one another and build each other up! As the great philosophers John Lennon and Paul McCartney once said, "Come Together".